Tuesday, March 1, 2011

Airships, Ho!

Paratime Steampunk Victorian history is a lot of fun. From my very private collection is a page from Harper's Weekly about the First Victorian Gulf War.

The U.S. Airship Thunderbolt flies above besieged Baghdad Mahdist forces while allied camel corps stand by their Gatlings. Unseen in the river are underwater Carmagnolle units to screen the allied fleet from attack. Coalition forces deployed against Mahdist rebels include Great Britain, United States of America, Ottoman Empire, Prussia, French Empire and various Arabic units.

Camel Gatling Gun with Airship

Coalition forces were called in to attack Mahdist forces who were working on various infernal devices to spring on their enemies. Intelligence suggests they received equipment and support from Dr. Fu Manchu, whose insidious labs have produced chemical agents, infernal devices and other sundry bedevilments.

During the siege of Baghdad, the false Mahdi escaped and fled to Afghanistan via airship and hid in deep mountain caves, touching off the Fourth Afghan War. Airship bombardment sealed the entrances but the Mahdi continued to elude capture.

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