Tuesday, January 25, 2011

Creatures From Beyond ….. No, From Within!

The Carmagnolle brothers patented the first anthropomorphic articulated hard suit in 1882.
It was a very complex undertaking; the suit had six joints per arm, four in per leg and two in the body of the suit, making 22 rolling convolute demisphere joints in all. The distinctive helmet had 25 individual mini viewing ports cleverly spaced the average distance of the human eyes, giving far more viewing area than it might appear.
The suit is on display at the Paris National Marine Museum. It was never put into production and this single suit was the only one made by Alphonse and Theodore Carmagnolle.
This is real Victorian technology – authentic steampunk! Imagine an army of these armor clad undersea warriors marching across the English channel, under water, clutching their arms to invade Mother England. Mon Dieu mes ami!
I know what costume I want to wear at the next CoastCon or Steampunk convention.

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