Friday, February 25, 2011

Lovecraft TinTin Books -- Two Great Tastes, That Taste Great Together

In the early 1960s we were stationed in Europe and my father used to buy TinTin books for me. They were one of my best memories of being a child. My father read to me all the time – not just children’s books but books of all kinds. Over the years, I managed to acquire all the English edition TinTins, which was no mean feat in the pre-computer age. The great thing about kids is that you then get to read to them as well, passing along a love of reading and books. My collection of TinTin eventually went to my daughter along with my Edwin Gorey books.


The artist Murray Groat, aka Muzski, has made some apocryphal Herge TinTin book covers. His execution of Herge’s style is spot-on. Check out his website and see all of his quirky art. He has produced seven faux TinTin covers, each better than the next: TinTin in Innsmouth, TinTin From Beyond, TinTin and The Reanimator, The Dunwich Horror, TinTin in R’Lyeh, TinTin at the Mountains of Madness, and The Shadow Out of Time.

These books never existed, but in my imagination, I can just guess at the pratfalls of the Thompson Twins at the Mountains of Madness, Professor Calculus and The Reanimator, Captain Haddock’s reaction to the fishmen in Innsmouth (blistering barnacles). Snowy, of course, will save them all after getting into trouble. TinTin will muddle through with his automatic in his pocket. Somehow I see Castafiore singing to Azathoth there in the center of ultimate chaos.

Kids that are read to and see their parents read are more likely to want to read themselves. Read to your kids. Be seen reading … in public even!

Click for Murray Groat Herge-Cthulhu Link

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