Friday, January 21, 2011

Bulb Vase Still Life

A new work by Michael W. Moses is entitled Bulb with Flower Vase is the featured portion in this still life. The photo has several interesting props in the picture to add mystery to the composition.
Bulb Vase Still Life 1
The cryptic writing and drawings were done in the early 80s as part of another project and the enigmatic ceramic figure also dates to the first part of the 1980s. The three alabaster containers are in fact, original Egyptian tomb offerings dating to circa 2,000 BCE. They contained cosmetics for the mummy’s use in the after life. The contents are all gone, but the beautiful stone vessels remain.
Bulb Vase Still Life 2
The exotic plant in the vase is called Queen’s Tears (Billbergia Nutans) and is in the Bromeliad family. It’s not a rare plant, but in the present circumstances and setting, it gives an alien feeling to the composition.
Bulb Vase Still Life, Detail 1
A view of the back side of the artifact.
Bulb Vase Still Life, Detail 2
Fired clay, hand carved, about four inches long.

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