Sunday, June 24, 2012

TINTIN COVERS 1 – The Reality

I previously posted a few ersatz TinTin covers here on the blog that had Lovecraftian and themes.  Nearly as interesting as fan art is the fact that an early original cover recently at auction at $1.6 million at a Paris auction.  Now fans are typically broke, but the anonymous and anomalous buyer of this work clearly was not the typical Tintin fan.

This is the cover to Tintin in America (Tintin en Amerique) for the original 1932 non-English edition and was painted by Hergé himself.   

Subsequent and English editions had a variety of different cover art.  Over the span of years Hergé refreshed his books to keep the style and context up to date, so collecting Tintin books don’t just stop with having one of each book since there are a number of variations for each title in each language.

Other rare Hergé originals were on sale like this Red Rackham’s Treasure battle scene, above.

And this wide-angle work from Flight 714, above.

Three variant covers on the English language version
of Tintin in America

This is the first of a four part series about Tintin covers and how fans’ love of Hergé's creation spawned (and I do mean spawned) a plethora of faux covers from pastiches to mashups, but most generally done with love and admiration. 

TINTIN COVERS 1 – The Reality   The first a four part series, posted here.

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