Wednesday, June 26, 2019

Bayou Wars 27, June 2019

The Gulf Coast Gamers Club hosted Bayou Wars 27, which was held on 7-9 June 2019 at the D’Iberville Civic Center in D’Iberville (just outside Biloxi) Mississippi.  Bayou wars 27 consisted of three days of historical, SF & fantasy miniatures as well as a few board games.  See also their site for more photos and additional information.  They met their goal of “promoting the miniature gaming hobby in a fun and positive environment”.   Gamers of all ages had fun over the three days, running from 9 to midnight.

The miniatures and gaming areas/boards were spectacular.  It’s hard to tell how small some of these figures are unless there is a die or some other item to compare the size. They range is size from the standard 25mm to the microscopic 6mm and them up to 54mm for figures.  Again, the painting was phenomenal as you can see from the photos.  The scope of games ran from ancients, to French and Indian War, Rev War, Civil War, pirate-era sailing ships, WWII, to the fantasy far future of Warhammer 40K.  I’m sure I missed a few here, but every period was well represented.  The playing of games is just part of the miniatures scene as collecting and paining the figures is an inherent part of the fun.  Countless hours of acquiring, researching, and painting go into these setups.  

This is the second year the Gulf Coast Gamers Club invited this blog to attend and photograph a Bayou Wars.  See last year’s blog entry and photos
I’d like to thank the staff of Bayou Wars and the Gulf Coast Gamers Club and the players themselves for allowing CoastConFan Blog to attend this year.  My staff photographer Michael W. Moses took many photos, far too many to post and the patience of the players was helpful in getting in close to the action.  Although generally, the photos presented here on the blog have only a small amount basic editing, although a few were highly modified for artistic treatment.  The excellent lighting at the Civic Center was a huge help to photography.

Participants of Bayou Wars 27 are authorized to download and print photos from Bayou Wars 27 for personal, non commercial use and for promoting Bayou Wars and the Gulf Coast Gamers Club.  Next year Bayou Wars will be held in the same location on 12-14 Jun 2020.



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