Friday, June 29, 2012

TINTIN COVERS 4 – Politics, Parody, Pastiches, and Irony

Tintin is an international icon, which in this post-modern world, seems to make him a target and vector for politics and messages.  Needless to say, none of these works are canon and Hergé would probably object to their messages.   In fact, I haven’t included a number of existing fan covers due to them being highly objectionable. I can't always agree with everybody, but I think that everybody has a right to be heard. 

Ironically enough, some of the original Tintin books have been under attack by various groups with “modern” agendas.  You can find those debates on line easily enough, if that's your cup of tea.  Hergé was born in 1907 and was brought up in the milieu (not Milou) of his era.  The first Tintin story appeared in print in 1929, over 80 years ago, although he had other works previous to that time.  Undoubtedly, his works will be continue to be studied, discussed, copied, and satirized for years to come.

I can’t say I agree with the message of these unauthorized covers and works, but I have included some of them here to show what a powerful iconic image Tintin is, within not only our culture, but in many cultures.  Tintin is printed in 98 languages and dialects, which gives Tintin global impact.  But I’m no Tintin scholar, just a long-time fan.

I haven’t made this an exhaustive list of ersatz Tintin covers, because I believe that Hergé intended for Tintin to be a young adult’s book and there are a number of subjects that he did not cover.  I won’t either because this is a family friendly, safe-for-work blog.
I have posted previously about my father reading Tintin books to me while I was a very small child and how important reading to children is to their development.  Children model themselves on their parent(s), peer group, and their society.  Set a good example and make them not just literate, but love reading and writing.  Kids these days need to be armed with literacy and have informed, critical thinking.  I’d like to think that the Tintin books had a hand in that, in my case. 

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Update 2014

This last one strikes dangerously close to home!


  1. I have collected more than 1,000 Tintin covers -- real, pastiche, parody, imitation, fake, and pirate on my web site ( There is information and photos of the artists as well. Also a contest to design a new Tintin fake cover.

    J'ai rassemblé plus de 1.000 couvertures Tintin - réel, pastiche, parodie, imitation, faux, et pirate sur mon site web ( Il ya des informations et des photos des artistes ainsi. Également un concours pour concevoir un nouveau faux couvercle Tintin.

  2. I had been planning to do an update the Tintin covers blog entry with some new items I found. Thank you very much for your link and effort in collecting these covers. I will make sure that you are mentioned as the place to go for Tintin covers both real and fabricated. Your efforts astound me, sir.