Wednesday, June 27, 2012

TINTIN COVERS 3 – Weird Science


This is the third of a series of four posts about the fannish Tintin phenomena and the predilection of artistic fans to put their own spin on the famous Hergé series.

In the last Tintin post, The Lovecraft Connection, I showed a few fan-made Lovecraft-Tintin mashups, which placed Tintin in contact with Cthulhu mythos creatures and situations.  In this post I want to show a few clever science fiction covers produced by fans.

We know that Hergé had an interest in science fiction with the publication of The Shooting Star and the two-part lunar story, Destination Moon & Explorers on the Moon.

See if you can guess what famous books and movies these covers are referring to:  some are obvious, and a couple are more esoteric, but all are made with respect to Tintin and the works of Hergé.

The Magneto Affair not an overtly Tintin mashup cover, but the style is unmistakable.

TINTIN COVERS 1 – The Reality

TINTIN COVERS 2 – The Lovecraft Connection

TINTIN COVERS 3 – Weird Science

TINTIN COVERS 4 - Politics, Parody, Pastiches, and Irony

UPDATE 2014:  A few more weird science covers



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