Thursday, May 24, 2012

MOBICON XV – Science Fiction, Fantasy, Horror & Anime

Mobicon is a science fiction, fantasy, horror, and anime convention held in Mobile Alabama annually.  This year it was held May 18-20, 2012 at the Asbury Hotel off of Airport Blv.  Attendance was up this year and there were lots of costumers and the game room was full.  They had belly dancers, cosplay, authors (Christopher Rice for one), an art room, and discussion panels. The costume contest had a bumper crop of participants and attendees. 

I really liked the energy this year at Mobicon.  You can feel the crackle of that fannish excitement the moment you walk into a convention.  Some have it and other don’t.  When you see a high proportion of attendees participating by costuming, you know you have a concentration of fannish energy.  I only attended Saturday, this time around and apparently from the photographs, that costuming energy was there on Friday too.  Sundays of course, are a bit more mellow.

I made this video for the enjoyment of fans who attended and for those who could not make it this time.  This video was compiled from the contributions of three photographers who attended Mobicon: Megan Ariel Mobley, Michael W. Moses, and Jason Putnoky. 

My thanks go out to all the fans and hard working staff that made Mobicon possible.  I’m still sorry at the loss of Wayne Hergenroder, a great driving force with Mobicon and the loss of Debbora Wiles, psychic and author (not Deborah Wiles, the children’s book author).

Here is an old Mobicon XI video I did a few years back, for those of you who missed it.

Here is the Nerdy Girl Anthem video.  It has some photos from previous Mobicons as well as CoastCon and OmegaCon

There is also a Studio 10 interview for Mobicon XIV at this link: .

Attending Mobicon XV with The Mysterious Pussy the Cat

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