Thursday, May 3, 2012

Dragon Sculpture BBQ Grill

Not for the faint of heart or the faint of pocketbook


Here is a bit of heavy metal for you backyard warriors.  It’s a steel sculpture BBQ grill by master metal fabricator and artist Ed McBride.  Rather than running on dragon’s breath, this creature belches flaming propane to cook his goods.  Hank Hill would be so proud.  His works are crafted from steel segments welded together and set on it’s own medieval dolly.  I don’t have any estimates on weight, but both size and mass preclude putting it in your car’s trunk.

So far, Ed McBride has made three of these ingenious devices, but they aren’t cheap.  The first was shown at the 33rd Annual Hunter’s Convention put on by Safari Club International in 2005.  The functional and original dragon cooker sold for $65,000.

The second dragon BBQ cooker is nine feet tall and was ten feet wide (wingspan).  Not content with one dragon, it had a second smaller dragon breathing fire between the feet of the big one.  The little fellow heats a dutch oven for beans and the like. The asking price for this behemoth is $90,000 but it does have stage presence (top picture).

The most recent dragon BBQ is a bit smaller and is only six feet tall and wide, which makes it perfect for your backyard cookout. It was completed in 2009 and the list price is $40,000 (left)

Welding metal monsters is not all McBride does.  He also paints, sculpts, and produces other works like his nature-inspired steel saw art artifacts.  Hopefully he will also make some H. P.Lovecraft inspired Cthulhu works as well.

Please take time out and visit his website.  As for me, I’m hoping to win the lottery and replace my ho hum grill with something more interesting.   Below is my humble portable grill, purchased last week at a discount house.  Behind, you’ll notice Jack, my pet velociraptor who is clearly ready to start a cookout.
Jacks Grill 3

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