Thursday, April 30, 2015

Free Comic Book Day 2015

This 2nd of May 2015 is Free Comic Book Day.  Support your local comic book shop by showing up for Free Comic Book Day and get your free comics.  It started back in 2002 and has grown to a nation-wide movement.

Three Alarm Comics at 15210 LeMoyne Blv., Biloxi (D'Iberville) MS 39532,  is a local sponsor here for Free Comic Book Day, held every year on the first Saturday in May. 

View my previous post, which was about the SF oriented issues of Classics Illustrated comics of the 40s, 50s, and 60s.  

If you want to see who in your local area is sponsoring Free Comic Book Day?  Use this link to find out:


FCBD at 3 Alarm Comics was well attended and there were a good representation of artists doing what they do best, drawing and signing.  There were a number of excellent costumes covering the whole spectrum of fandom.  

Outside 3 Alarm Comics, the Mississippi contingent of the 501st Legion was encamped to the delight of many.  

Jenevieve Broomall
Brian LeBlanc
Wade Acuff
Andy B. Childress
Assorted artists at FCBD 2015 at 3 Alarm Comics

Steven Butler with Sonic Guitar

Steven Butler designed the graphics for a custom Sonic the Hedgehog guitar art last year and this year the finished guitar was signed at FCBD.   I'll post in detail about this very special guitar later with additional information and photos. 

This year seemed to be a successful FCBD and I am sure that at all the other locations, there was fun and comic books to be had by all.  I'd like to thank the organizers and participating comic book shops for making a lot of people happy. 


I really like to push the idea of people enjoying to read and comic books/graphic novels are a good way to spark interest.  Many kids don’t like to read or have difficulty, so I believe that comic books are a way to spur a greater reading participation in the community.  Now I say kids, but adult literacy is something to consider also and it’s a national tragedy that many adults have difficulty reading.  This holds them back from better jobs, so I hope that comics might also get adults to read more.  Support your local literacy council and don’t forget to read to your kids every chance you can. 


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