Saturday, May 4, 2013

Free Comic Book Day and May the Fourth Be With You


Today the first Saturday in May, is a national holiday, known to but a few as Free Comic Book Day when comic book stores celebrate the joy of comic books.  Our local comic book shop, Three Alarm Comics on 15210 Lemoyne Blv between D’Iberville and Ocean Springs (228) 392-9833 had a celebration that had artists and fans meet at the store for a free comic book giveaway and a costume contest.  The turnout was very good and the people enthusiastic.  Fans of all ages arrived, some in costume and enjoyed talking with artists and browsing the books and art available.  I foolishly left my camera behind at home, so I have no photos of the event.  Outside of that blunder, I had a great time, seeing old friends and meeting new people.  Next time, I’ll bring that darn camera!


This is a double holiday, because it is also Star Wars Day or "May the 4th Be With You".  Due to a misunderstanding and or/mistranslation of "May the Force be with you", the 4th of May became the day (wrongly) that Star Wars is celebrated rather than the original release date of the 25th of May.  I'll have a blog entry for the 35th anniversary of the release on 25 May 2013.  There were a number of Star Wars costumers evident at the Comic Book Day celebration, making it a doubly fun day for all.

Between Free Comic Book Day and Star Wars Day, I had a great time today and I hope you all had a good day too!

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