Tuesday, May 14, 2013

Mobicon XVI Science Fiction, Fantasy, and Horror, 17 – 19 March 2013, in Mobile Alabama

It’s time once again for that annual southern treat of MobiCon, a Science Fiction, Fantasy,  and Horror convention held in Mobile Alabama!  I have attended a fair number of MobiCons over the past decade or so and always enjoyed the laid-back southern fen that operate and attend MobiCon.  The committee’s hard work always makes MobiCon a great convention to attend, especially for a costumer.  Along with panels, there is a costume contest, a game room as well as LARPs and lots of interesting people to meet.

This year their guests include:
Artist GoH, Amanda Nen Kilburn
Anime GoH, Chris Cason, of Dragon Ball Z fame.
Special Speaker,  Douglas Mallette
Gaming GoH,  Lou Zocchi, the polydice king
Author GoH, Candace Sams
Horror GoH Dr. Anne Marie Guzy
Publishing GoH,  Barbera Frendish
Fan GoH, Karl Ruhl

If you are in the south, (in Foghorn Leghorn voice), “ah say, ah say, the deeeep south, son”, come on down to Mobicon and enjoy this quirky convention, run by and for fans.

Last year at Mobicon 15, 2012                    CoastConFan

Here’s a blast from the past, slide show from Mobicon XI back in 2008

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