Friday, October 21, 2011

SNEAKY GUNS, Part II - Combination Guns

Hidden from site and often in deadly combinations, these sneaky guns have more than one use and they strike close and hard.  

In Sneaky Guns Part 1, I covered cane guns, which also had a blade attached, so refer to that article for those items.  I am going to talk about other types of guns in combination such as blades and hidden in un-gun-like objects.

Sneaky guns can be camouflaged in innocuous objects such as camera cases, a grip bag fired while being held by the handle, pen guns, belt buckle guns.  Almost any object of sufficient size can have a gun hidden inside.  In movies, a common book can be hollowed out to hold contraband, money or a gun.  Sometimes they just have a trap, so beware.

Guns could also be carried in hidden holsters such as vests with holsters sewn on out of sight, shoulder holsters, inside waistband holsters.  Automated spring driven mechanisms could also be employed to bring a small gun quickly in action such as the sleeve gun holster system.  Small guns could also be put into hat holsters and drawn discreetly while holding the hat politely.   Shoulder holsters have been common since the middle of the 19th century, they are not just something gumshoes had in the 1930s. 
  Criminals, detectives, gamblers, spies, inventors, and just plain old collectors of kooky weapons all might have sneaky guns in their possession.  The guns I have presented are all real and some as close to gaslight era or steampunk as you can get.  Most of these weapons depend to concealability and surprise to be effective.  They are exposed at the correct moment, used and then return to their camouflaged exterior.
Generally, they don’t do all that much damage and have to be used close up, but some are silent and certainly unexpected.  I recommend such toys sparingly in the Call of Cthulhu RPG and other role playing games.  Most of these are Victorian, which is a period I enjoy, although I have put a in few that are 20th century for the rest of you RPGers and Steampunk fans.


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