Wednesday, August 31, 2011

Arkham Sanitarium Project

With these new props, you can simply go mad.
Propnomicon has produced a number of interesting props for use on his blog.  Recently, he made a more modern Arkham Sanitarium logo.  Earlier he had an earlier style Arkham Sanitarium woven patch, which I used at a local convention as part of an understated costume.  It was simply a blue blazer with the patch, black pants, tie & etc.  You need not go overboard with a costume to make it effective.  With that getup, I was the head of the board of directors of the Arkham Sanitarium.  Please don’t ask about funding your project, it’ll be taken up at the next board meeting.

His more modern large logo works well as a magnetic sticker or adhesive sticker to put on vehicles such as ambulances, vans and official vehicles of the Arkham Sanitarium.  If you go with the magnetic signs, it can be removed easily and put on another vehicle.  You can drive up to your next convention in style with these signs on your car and sport your blazer patch in elegance.  In these days difficult days of high expenses, an inexpensive and versatile prop can go a log way.

Arkham Sanitarium Ambulance
I’m hoping Propnomicon will have some Arkham Sanitarium commitment papers made up for use.  They’ll go well with the suit.                                          CoastConFan

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  1. "Of course we have room here at Arkham for your disturbed relative. Once you finish filling out these commitment papers we can discuss the administrative fee."