Wednesday, October 13, 2010

Prozines, Amateur Zines, Fanzines, and Just Plain Crudzines

I was just doing some research on Robert E. Howard and H. P. Lovecraft fanzines and ran across this fantastic site on magazines that had some great listings for S.F. & F zines. It covers a lot of obscure pro and fanzines, many of which I was unfamiliar. I really encourage you to visit the site and browse around.

I’m sure this would be a resource for many fans out there, so I am putting in a link to Galactic Central homepage so you can enjoy all the zines too. If you want to jump straight to the magazines just click here.

Back in the mid and late ‘70s, I got a little corflu in my blood and contributed to a few SF fanzines and just outright crudzines that hopefully no longer exist due to the tiny number printed and the high acid paper they were printed on with our borrowed mimeo machine. I could go on about the joys of typing up the masters and fixing the errors or at least most of them before we put them on our archaic mimeo. If you’ve never had the experience… count yourself lucky – thank Ghod for the digital age. Nonetheless, I still have a soft spot for fanzines and amateur pubs.

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