Thursday, August 8, 2013

Famous Fantasy Weapons That Would Be Great To Own

Short of pulling a sword from a stone, going to eBay, flea markets, and conventions are probably your best bet in acquiring one.  

Recently a fabulous weapon of great age and glamour appeared upon the dappled and misty shores of eBay:  A Winky’s halberd from the 1939 Wizard of Oz.  A more beautiful vestige of sheet metal, gesso and peeling paint I have never seen.  Few items from the movie have appeared such as some Ruby Slippers and a live Munchkin or two attending a convention.  But here was a chance to get a great movie prop and it was only listed at only ninety-nine cents with certificate of authenticity and FREE SHIPPING too!  How could I lose? 
Well the bidding jumped from .99 to $100, but I was still in the running.  Counting my pocket change and coins from the penny jar, I still might swing it.  All of a sudden it jumped to $3,512.26 and I was out of the running.  A few days later the auction ended and it sold for $6,766.66.  Ah, well we all can dream, can’t we? 

As long as we are talking about high dollar Wizard of Oz film items, Dorothy’s dress sold at auction for $480,0000 in a 2011 auction.  It may not be a weapon, but it costs as much as a modern piece of military equipment.   A complete Winkie halberd was up for auction previously back in 2008 for $20,000 to $30,000. 

This started me musing upon famous weapons in stories and movies and I came up with six real quick.  Some famous fantasy/SF weapons that jumped to mind are:  Excalibur, The Subtle Knife, Sting from Lord of the Rings, light sabers from Star Wars, Thor’s hammer, and Elric of Melnibone's Stormbringer.

I have purposely left out projectile weapons such as blasters, crossbows & etc and limited it to direct striking weapons.  I also omit completely magical weapons with no intrinsic weapon ability like a wand, ring or talisman, although I have seen a few talismans big (and gaudy) enough to hurt, if you wore them long enough at at convention.

What makes a good fantasy weapon?  Good presentation (looks cool), great back story (some are really old or made in a strange way), a curse or magic power (hey it lights up), easy to use and deadly powerful.  What didn’t come to my mind immediately were such things as axes, flails, and spears, although there are tons of them out there in stories and folklore.  Then again I’m getting lazy.  I could have wowed you with a cerebral reference to weapons in Wagner’s Ring Cycle, but then I would get me thinking of the Warner Brother’s cartoon What’s Opera, Doc? and start singing “Mit mine shpeere und magic helllll-muuut”.  So much for culture.
Previously sold movie props from major movies
The runners up for this list were the Red Ryder BB gun from A Christmas Story movie, but I won’t list it because, “You’ll put your eye out!”  Also the gun from the Blade Runner movie (book title Do Androids Dream of Electric Sheep), but then again I am cheating with projectile weapons.  Did mention that I cheat at lists?  Oh, yeah the last blog entry I said that.

A list of fictional swords conveniently on Wikipedia

After I wrote this article, I cast about for other people’s list of fantasy weapons:


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