Tuesday, August 2, 2011

Byzantine UFOs?

All is explained forthwith

Funny how the default state of most mysteries is to blame it on extraterrestrials. No matter how simple the conundrum, how easy the research, the fall back is aliens. Then again, there is a lot of money in huckstering ETs and not so much for dry old history, so it’s no wonder that genuine research on possible extraterrestrial life is muddied by popular books sellers and mystic personalities. I love a mystery as much as anyone else, but then again I like research, education, and an open mind.

I ran across this enjoyable video on YouTube explaining the iconography of, uh, ikons. I hope you will enjoy the scholarship as much as I did.

Cthulhu IconAnother good source of art history and UFOs is: http://sprezzatura.it/Arte/Arte_UFO_eng.htm . I can’t say I am any expert on medieval ikons, but I have looked a few thousand over the years and watched in Athens as they were painted. A good friend of mine, Michael W. Moses is also quite familiar with ikons and paints them, although they don’t follow the strict rules of Greek or Russian ikons. .

Alien Annunciation IkonNow for a little fun. To the right is a Cthulhu ikon made by Michael W. Moses with reverse glass painting and gilding on a slightly convex pane. The photo doesn’t show all the detail.  The other ikon, to the left, is another Michael W. Moses work called Alien Annunciation.

 Truly I would love to find life in the universe and even more so, find that it is reachable or has reached us, but through the haze of twaddle-mongers, book hucksters, popular luminaries and the like, I don’t see genuine research having a clear field with all the static generated.


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