Wednesday, September 28, 2011


Make your own Unspeakable Cthulhu Codex

I love a good prop or fake, but when one tries to sell the item as original, then that goes beyond a hoax and into the area of criminal fraud.  When these appeared earlier in 2011 with a lot of press hoopla, I had strong suspicions about them being fake.  Somehow, they just didn’t fit in with finds of that period, but I held my tongue while actual experts viewed the images since my Hebrew and Aramaic is pretty shaky.  Most of the text was lifted from other sources and many of the images were as well.*  Well, we can learn something even from counterfeits and fantasy objects.

Please note that these are not intaglio (carved into) the lead, but they are convex, which means they were cast from a master mold.  I think it would be an easy matter to make a Cthulhu Codex using the same method.  I don’t encourage you to use lead it has toxic fumes.  You might try making the reversed master out of plaster, carving it while wet.  Then use Femo or another polymer clay to make an impression.  You need only paint and age and you have a page for your Unspeakable Codex.  You could try casting with a metal such as zinc or safe casting metals, but be careful of getting burned.  Frankly, polymer clay is a better idea because you can tweak up the impression for more detail. 

*For example the head of Helios and Alexander as found on Greek coins and the star bursts are common on Hebrew coins, see the so called Widows Mite.  Check out some of these links about the lead codices and some legitimate scholarly criticism:

Check out this YouTube video:

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