Sunday, June 19, 2011

PaleoBabble and A Breath of Rational Air

Twinkie HengeJust as James Randi debunks fake paranormal and circus phenomena masquerading as truth, PaleoBabble by Mike Heiser is a great site involved with debunking a smorgasbord of historical, archeological, anthropological, and scientific logical fallacies, some of which are long-standing, some obscure, and a number of “popular” bits of twaddle that inhabit the Nut-O-Sphere.   Primarily, the method of debunking is simply using scientific method, good scholarship, and showing complete context of the object or subject.  I highly recommend PaleoBabble to people interested in history, artifacts and have a bent towards rationality, logic and a belief in scientific method.

For those of you making props for the  Call of Cthulhu RPG and film genre, this site is a great warehouse of information for mining in making objects for movies and games. Nobody making CoC props are attempting to hoax the scientific community or make wild claims about authenticity of these items, but it is nice to view some of the prime fake objects of the past to get a feel for the genre. We all have a lot of fun with CoC and props and I am sure that everybody involved in the gaming community really enjoys a finely crafted and presented gaming or movie props. Dig through PaleoBabble’s blog archives to see some exploded myths and hoaxes with a dash of scintillating repartee in the archaeological and scientific community.

Update May 2014:  Mike Heiser has moved PaleoBabble to new digs at  The articles are still available at the old location, although comments have ended there.  Lots of luck to his new new site.

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