Saturday, May 21, 2011

Cthulhu and Hobbes -- Roomies Forever

A number of years back, a thoughtful friend sent me a cute little Cthulhu stuffed doll.  He sits on a shelf guarding books from booknappers.  I think everybody who has had a childhood, had a figure, doll, stuffed animal or the like to play with and cuddle.  Many people still have fond memories of their special friend from childhood.  Mind you, mine was not Cthulhu.

I had a collection of Calvin and Hobbes books I had picked up here and there and enjoyed the adventures of Calvin and his stuffed tiger, Hobbes.  Anyway, I got thinking about the life of two stuffed dolls and their interactions, when people were out of the house.  I ended up with these two pseudo book covers in 2007. 

I expect the personality of a very small stuffed Cthulhu figure trying to live up to the image of Dread Cthulhu would be amusing.  Even more fun would be a sidekick like the stuffed tiger Hobbes, who has already lived with a megalomaniac previously.  Stuffed Cthulhu: “I have awoken and will feast upon the souls of this tiny planet”.  Hobbes: “Oh, brother”.

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