Friday, December 24, 2010

It’s Alive ... ALIVE!!!!!

I recently saw a post on Propnomicon’s blog about the prop work of Kenneth Stickfaden, whose electronic props have appeared in dozens of films and television shows such as Frankenstein, The Munsters, Mask of Dr Fu Manchu and many others. This led to thoughts about Forrest Ackerman and his magnificent collection of SF & horror props, including many by the master Kennen Stickfaden.

I am posing a YouTube video in remembrance of all those old, wonderful films that I grew up watching and loving. The video also shows H.R. Giger in his workshop and honors his seminal prop work in modern film and his tip of the hat to those who have gone before.

I also see that Kenneth Stickfaden’s Wikipedia article is very short and lacks photos of his phenomenal work. I challenge those fans who have Wikipedia accounts to expand his article and include photos of his wonderful props.

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